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Week #3 – Are big companies forcing farmers to grow GMOs?

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Do GMOs Increase Allergies?

For this question, we reached out to Brian Scott, an Indiana farmer who grows corn and soybeans, to talk about his experience purchasing seed for his farm. He explains that "none of the seed companies force farmers like me to buy any particular product…I can buy any seed from any vendor I choose from one year to the next."

In another response, available here, Brian goes on to say that "each farmer should have the freedom to farm how he or she chooses."

Jillian Etress, a high school agriculture teacher and family farmer from South Alabama, also offers her perspective in this post, where she explains that on her farm, they “choose to use or not use GMOs based on the needs of our farm.”

We couldn't agree more. GMO Answers respects farmers' right to choose seeds based on what is best for their farms, market demand and local growing environments. In fact, it is one of our five core principles—available here.

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