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Gmos are not healthy and we dont want them on our food. Can you find something else ?

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That's a very good question for me as a farmer who raises GM crops. If the market creates so much demand for something other than the GM corn and soybeans that I'm growing, then I'm sure farmers like me will choose to grow something else. But if you believe foods made with these crops aren't safe, then you have plenty of other options. Certified organic products are out there and are labeled so consumers can know they are buying foods raised under a certain set of rules for production. Voluntary non-GMO labels can be found as well. If people want to avoid GMO foods, then they can seek out these labels.


As far as safety goes, I don't happen to share your belief. Consumers do deserve choices and can demand them with their hard-earned dollars, but farmers deserve choices, too. Each farmer should have the freedom to farm how he or she chooses. Right now I'm choosing to use GM crops on most of my acres.


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Are you qualified to say GMOs are not healthy, when numerous studies over the past couple of decades have shown otherwise? This is hardly a real question.....more a statement than anything. Here is just one of many sources that will show you that GMOs have been shown to be just as healthy as any other crops, bar none:

I really hope you take the time to read over this paper, it should cover any concerns you might have

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Here is a problem, Brian. You are complicit in the exact violation of rights that you claim to be espousing. One of my clients from Wabash, IN just lost $400 on a load of non-GM corn delivered to Kokomo Grain because it failed to have less than than .9% GM in the grain. Six traits were tested for on a crop of corn grown from seed which Becks guaranteed to be less than .5% GM. This farm never has had GM planted on it so even that possibility of contamination, which Monsanto says can't happen but does, won't provide an explanation. Recent studies have indicated pollen drift in corn can occur over distances in excess of 5 miles. Since you are such a principled young farmer, would you mind sending my client a check for $400 for each load of non-GM corn that gets rejected for GM contamination since they are doing just what you said you would do if the market dictated you grow a different crop? GM corn is obviously a different crop as the marketplace is already defining for you and my client. My client's neighbors, some of whom probably sit in the same church on Sunday morning, are stealing are they not? Let's wake up, Brian, and come to a realization of the real agenda of these GM companies who make a big living by selling drugs to mask the impacts of lousy food sources they have put in your seed bags.

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so far there is no recourse for farmers whos crops have been contaminated by g.m. cultivars. it shows the citizens who is making the rules & who is protected by them

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Brian: As a farmer, why on Earth would you do something like that? Don't you have ethical responsibilities towards the consumer? Doesn't your conscience bother you? It seems that you do not care about it, but are only interested in your bottom line ... Why don't you honor the centuries old practices of farmers in the world before chemicals were applied on the land? Savvy farmers for centuries have produced plants and seeds without chemicals, and they were knowledgeable about which plants needed to be planted next to which other plants, in order to avoid getting weeds and pests. I am happy to say that I live near very worthy organic farmers who, in several different farms, have large productions of trustworthy and natural organic products.

And thank goodness, nowadays this country is very quickly returning to that direction because consumers all over are demanding this, since they now don't trust the foods that they eat, which are making them sick or by which they acquire allergies that are becoming a permanent health problem, impossible to correct. Chemicals should never be used with the foods that we ingest, period.

So much so is the demand for chemical-free food, and natural organic food, that most new restaurants which are opening are the "Farm-to-Table Organic" type of restaurants, even in big cities. This is because the public is demanding this certainty. And this encourages organic farmers to continue their good ethical work.

I respect and admire the ethics and good conscience of our organic farmers. I would like to be able to have the same respect for you as a farmer, after you examine your conscience and decide what is best for the protection of public health, including the health of babies, children and senior citizens.

Let me know when you have made the decision to protect the consumer. I hope that you will not have a lot of trouble decontaminating your soils and water from those chemicals. Best of luck.

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Excellent comment, Jimm.