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Gmos are not healthy and we dont want them on our food. Can you find something else ?

Submitted by: Bella19


Expert response from Brian Scott


Wednesday, 26/02/2014 15:45

That's a very good question for me as a farmer who raises GM crops. If the market creates so much demand for something other than the GM corn and soybeans that I'm growing, then I'm sure farmers like me will choose to grow something else. But if you believe foods made with these crops aren't safe, then you have plenty of other options. Certified organic products are out there and are labeled so consumers can know they are buying foods raised under a certain set of rules for production. Voluntary non-GMO labels can be found as well. If people want to avoid GMO foods, then they can seek out these labels.


As far as safety goes, I don't happen to share your belief. Consumers do deserve choices and can demand them with their hard-earned dollars, but farmers deserve choices, too. Each farmer should have the freedom to farm how he or she chooses. Right now I'm choosing to use GM crops on most of my acres.