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How genetically modified (GM) crops have reduced global agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions

Michael Stebbins - Nov 16, 2022

Crop biotechnology has significantly reduced agriculture’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by helping farmers adopt more sustainable practices such as reduced tillage, which decreases the burning of fossil fuels and retains more carbon in the soil according to my recently published study1. Had GM crops not been grown in 2020, for example, an additional 23.6 billion kilograms of carbon dioxide would have been emitted into the atmosphere, which is the equivalent of adding 15.6 million cars on the roads. The peer-reviewed paper examined changes in farming practices arising from growing GM cr [...]


Investigating attitudes to GMOs, genetic engineering and synbio in food

Michael Stebbins - Nov 11, 2022

Research suggests that negative perceptions of genetically modified and genetically engineered foods could be easing, prompting some to suggest that consumers in Europe are ready to move on from debates about so-called ‘Frankenfood’ and embrace the sustainability benefits that synthetic biology can deliver to the food system. Click here to read the entire article from Food Navigator.        [...]


African farmers earned about US$282 million from GMOs in 2020

Michael Stebbins - Nov 07, 2022

African farmers earned an estimated US$282 million from growing genetically modified crops in 2020, a new study has revealed. The study published by PG Economics in the UK revealed that farmers across the globe earned an estimated $18.8 billion in additional benefits from growing GM crops. 1.5% of that income (US$282 million) went to farmers in Africa, while farmers growing GM crops in the USA, Argentina, India, China, and Brazil accounted for 39.1%, 15.1%, 8.1%, 8.4%, and 18.3%, respectively. According to the study by Dr. Graham Brookes, 55% of the farm income benefits in 2 [...]


Historic Moment in Kenya as Government Lifts GMO Ban

Michael Stebbins - Nov 07, 2022

The long-standing ban on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in Kenya has finally been lifted, marking a historic moment in the country's agri-biotech development. The Kenyan Government, through a Cabinet decision, has lifted the ban to allow efficient adoption of approved biotech crops and importation of GM foods. By lifting the ban, the Cabinet has further authorized open cultivation and importation of white GMO maize. In deciding to lift the ban, the Cabinet considered various expert and technical reports on the adoption of biotechnology, including reports from Kenya's Nation [...]


These Purple Tomatoes are a BE Superfood

Michael Stebbins - Nov 07, 2022

Amanda Zulyucki, who blogs at The Farmer Daughter USA, has a new blog post out highlighting the benefits of the new GM purple tomato which was recently approved and should be reaching markets next year: My favorite new crops are those genetically modified to include consumer-oriented benefits! Norfolk Plant Sciences’ purple tomatoes fit the bill. With a couple swaps of genetic material, these purple tomatoes turn a deep purple when ripe. Why? Because they’re loaded with good-for-you antioxidants and anthocyanins. The Purple Good Stuff Scientists created these purple tomatoes by [...]

Infographics and Downloadables

United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals Achievable with GMO Crops

Community Manager - Nov 30, 2021

The United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development includes a set of formally adopted agreements and goals that provide a “shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.” Here are five goals achievable with GMO crops. ...


Five Goals Achievable with GMO Crops

Community Manager - Nov 27, 2021

The United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development includes a set of formally adopted agreements and goals that provide a “shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.” Achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will require innovation and collaboration in all sectors and on a global scale. GMOs and plant biotechnology are uniquely positioned to advance several of these goals based on their decades-long successful implementation into the agriculture of countries around the world, and the continuing commitment to innovating an [...]


GMO Science and Non Fictions

Community Manager - Oct 27, 2021

Which sources, figures, and facts are true? Which ones aren't? Before we dispel the top 5 myths that are either completely false or seen as common misrepresentations of GMOs available to consumers, let's cover the fundamental question: what is a GMO? Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are the product of precision plant breeding techniques and scientific processes using genetic engineering. This type of genetic engineering and selective breeding allows farmers, plant breeders, bioengineers and others, to take a desirable trait (like resistance to drought, ins [...]


Biodiversity and Land Conservation

Community Manager - Sep 28, 2021

The importance of agricultural lands and soil health for food production as well as biodiversity can never be overstated. In order for land to be used for agriculture, it must first be suitable for growing crops. Crops improved through the means of biotechnology save land in two ways. One is termed “land sparing,” meaning that if farmers can produce more output per planted acre, then there is reduced pressure to add more farmed land in order to keep up with growing global demand. The second way that biotech crops “save land” is more literal. Particularly when farmland [...]


GMOs Help Us Promote Food Security Worldwide and Fight Global Food Insecurity

chris - Aug 23, 2021

Every day, farmers around the world use GMOs to help combat threats to food and the environment. Whether helping to protect crop yields against plant diseases, weeds, pests, or to reduce water use, GMOs are one of modern agriculture’s many innovations that allow farmers to grow more food with fewer resources.   The benefits of GMOs don’t stop at the farm. GMO crops can help to reduce food waste and combat undernourishment around the world. In particular, GMOs play a key role in addressing food security challenges in developing nations. The A-Peel of a Sustainable Banana [...]