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Are big companies are forcing farmers to grow GMOs? -- Submitted as Part of GMO Answers Top Consumer Questions Survey --

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In the video below Jacque Matsen, Public Affairs Manager at DuPont Pioneer, discusses the variety of seed options available to farmers.


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None of the seed companies force farmers like me to buy any particular product. Salespeople might push the latest and greatest, but since every farm operates a little bit differently from the next one, seed choice is very important. All the companies that sell GMO seed also have many non-GMO varieties available. I can buy any seed from any vendor I choose from one year to the next. Just because I bought Monsanto, Pioneer or Syngenta seeds one year doesn’t mean I have to buy seed from any one of them the following year. Farmers do sign technology use agreements in relation to patented products, but nothing in the contracts designates a requirement for future purchases or even purchases of other products during the growing season.


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before BT cotton was approved in india some BT cotton got there first via the black market. Even now the BT cotton black market is there

and now history repeats itself in india. BT-roundup cotton is not yet approved in india but its been available via the black market for a few years

its a black market. they sell what the farmers want. if the farmers wanted other types of cotton seeds some black market enterpreneour would fill the need