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The Ted Miner troll asked me if humans eat GMO soybeans. Search attempts only turn up organic soybeans or edamame no matter how I word the search phrase. What US company sells GMO soybeans or edamame for human consumption?

Submitted by: Popeye Gordon


Expert response from Debbie Mahedo

Global Biotechnology Regulatory Affairs Oilseeds Lead, Bayer Crop Science

Thursday, 01/11/2018 17:20

Thank you for your question.  Companies like mine, Bayer Crop Science, sell both GM and conventional soybean seeds. 

Contrary to misconceptions there are only a few GMO crops in the grocery store available as whole produce. A few examples include sweet corn, summer squash, papayas, potatoes and apples - not soybeans. However, other food products may contain ingredients derived from GMO crops. A wide variety of foods including cereal, corn chips, veggie burgers and more are derived from genetically modified corn, soy, sugar beets and canola. GMO soybeans are primarily field soybean and are not used for tofu, soybean sprouts, edamame, and other similar food items. Those products are made from vegetable or garden varieties of soybean.