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Are GMOS healthy to eat?

Submitted by: dylaniso3


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Tuesday, 19/04/2016 20:14

To answer your question, foods made from GM crops are as healthy as their non-GM counterparts. In this response, registered dietician, Connie Diekman, explains:


“…the Food and Drug Administration has set forth guidelines related to the use of GMOs, and in those documents they reference the science that indicates food developed through biotechnology are digested in the same manner as other foods and therefore provide the same nutrition, or in some cases more nutrition (if the goal of the biotechnology was to enhance nutrient content). The science also indicates that these foods are safe for consumption and that they are not contributors to increased allergies.”


As Mary Mertz, who also farms GM crops, points out in this response, every reputable leading health organization recognizes GM crops “to be as safe and nutritious as foods produced in any other way.”


You can find more information about GM foods and health in similar responses here, here and here. This resource also explains the health and safety of GMOs.


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