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The GMO Answers Community Manager is the website moderator who helps answer your questions by linking to resources on GMO Answers and other online content which addresses GMOs and biotechnology. The Community Manager also ensures the dialogue among the community members remains constructive and respective of all viewpoints. If you have questions about how the community is managed, please visit our house rules,

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Q: Who is funding this website? It's unclear by clicking on the About section.

Answered By Community Manager - Jul 29, 2013

A: GMO Answers is funded by the members of The Council for Biotechnology Information, which includes BASF, Bayer, Dow AgroSciences, DuPont, Monsanto Company and Syngenta. Our members are dedicated to the responsible development and application of plant biotechnology.  For more information about GMO Answers, please visit: [...]

How GMOs Are Made


Q: What makes your industry above the law with the "monsanto's protection act" making you above the law.

Answered By Community Manager - Jul 30, 2013

A: Thanks for your question. Please review the following answer provided by Drew Kershen: What is the Monsanto Protection Act? [...]


Q: If GMO has no negative effects, why did my sons asthsma GO AWAY 100% when I switched to all organic? He is too little to 'fake it'. He was on a nebulizer 3x's a day.

Answered By Community Manager - Jul 30, 2013

A: GMO Answers will not comment on a specific individual's health issues. There is no way we could evaluate your son's health history with accuracy or true understanding. GMO Answers addresses inquiries related to biotechnology in agriculture. We invite you post a question that specifically addresses this topic. For more information about how this conversation is moderated, click here. [...]

Health & Safety How GMOs Are Made Modern Agriculture


Q: Why isn't your site answering the important questions? Like "How can you be sure that GMO foods won't affect human health long-term?" There are other important questions (to me as a consumer) that are not being answered on your site. Pleased don't feed me

Answered By Community Manager - Jul 30, 2013

A: The GMO Answers team is collecting questions and working to provide the best possible responses. We are working to vet questions with independent experts when we can, which can take a few days, versus taking an answer “off the shelf.”  See our House Rules on how quickly we hope to answer questions. You can find some specific info on this topic in the Explore the Basics section of this website. [...]