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What are the effects of GMOs on the human body? Has GMO foods led to an increase in the development of allergies among certain groups of people?

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This is a great question. First, the Food and Drug Administration has set forth guidelines related to the use of GMOs, and in those documents they reference the science that indicates food developed through biotechnology are digested in the same manner as other foods and therefore provide the same nutrition, or in some cases more nutrition (if the goal of the biotechnology was to enhance nutrient content). The science also indicates that these foods are safe for consumption and that they are not contributors to increased allergies.


With regard to your question about allergens, the guidelines for development of GMOs require that if any food that could be an allergen is introduced into a food that would not normally carry that allergen, then the food must provide that declaration. The FDA also requires that scientific evidence support the fact that no potential allergen was introduced into the GM product. The goal of these guidelines is to prevent allergic reactions.

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No one truly knows. There are no long term studies. That is why the corporations don't want them labelled. Most of the population doesn't even know GMO exists. What a better way than use the current consumers as a guinea pig.

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@rickspalding on your other comment ( you mention that a 30-yr old study was done. That sounds pretty long term. But now you are saying that a long-term study has not been done? Which is it??

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buddy use rational thought. The study was for comparative review on the functional process on just GROWING for yields. No long term tests have been done to see how it affects the body on a cellular level.

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Which study are you referring to? Can you please name the study and/or give the link?

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this is a link to the pdf. The only issue at hand is Rodale is pro organic. Can you say they fudged the numbers for their own benefit? It's possible but there is not other quantitative data analysis with as much info as this one. It is still helpful. You have to remember biotech food was created in the 60's. Yet was not available for human consumption until the 90's, I believe.

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There was a study done on rats. The results, and resulting treatment of the scientist says it all:Árpád_Pusztai

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Are you saying that when Monsanto did the studies there were no rats with tumors?

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@Veronica a similar question regarding the Seralini study of rats is also under review by one of our experts.Please stay tuned for a response which will be posted here

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Additionally, the FDA addresses many common questions about GMOs here: The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and World Health Organization have also posted a thorough report which reviews the allergenicity of genetically modified foods, available here:

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No long term studies have been done. These "foods" are digested, but at a cost. They mimic the way their natural cousins are digested but leave behind harmful residue that make us sick. It's appalling.

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@Iseekthetruth13: We ask that you cite sources and please try to be as accurate as possible in your comments. We aim to foster a fact-based and non-confrontational conversation about GMOs, please keep this in mind when you post comments.

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As far as allergies and GMOs go, people often confuse correlation with causation. I completely agree with the statement that it seems more and more people are getting allergies. However, you have to realize that with advances in science and technology, more allergies are able to be spotted...not necessarily more are "forming." For example, my Aunt just recently found out about a gluten allergy. She's had it her whole life, but just recently it has been able to be pointed out by doctors. A lot of people are blaming this seemingly "new" issue on the greater consumption of GMOs, when in reality, the allergies were always there, they just were unable to be spotted.

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certain ailments have increased in the past twenty years, autism, stomach ailments, cancer to just name a few. There are relations to these ailments with our digestive systems. I don't have an article right now to cite so I will just say it is rumored that autism may come from stomach ailments perhaps a bacteria, cancer we know is directly related to the food we eat and the air we breath. So with these rises in ailments why shouldn't we look to our food to see what has changed. Maybe gmo food is fine for a bunch of people but not fine for a few maybe it is actually causing sickness in certain systems, so then give us the right to choose. Give parents of sick children, caretakers of cancer victims, the ability to avoid a product that has little research to prove its safety. If you stand so strong behind your product then stop hiding it on our shelves, LABEL IT!

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Actually, at least one long-term study has been done and it was discredited right away by many scientists and government groups. That was the Seralini study. In fact, that 2-year study showed that rats developed tumors 4-7 months, I believe, into the study. Most of Monsanto's studies seem to be 3 month studies, which did not show tumors. Since the study came out, there have been scientists who have stepped up to defend it.