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Posted by: lorix12
A: GMOs in agriculture have made positive environmental and socio-economic contributions around the world. There are many “pros” of GMOs for farmers, the environment and consumers. Here are some GMO traits and examples of how they help farmers, consumers, the environment and economy:   Insect resistance. This trait provides farmers with season-long protection against target pests, reduces the need for pesticide applications, and lowers input costs. Drought resistance. GM... Continue Reading
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Posted by: DreamCatcher2927
A: We would like to answer your question in two parts. First, where you can buy GMO food, and secondly, where you can buy GMO seeds.   Today, nine crops from GMO seeds are commercially available in the U.S. These crops are corn (field and sweet), soybeans, cotton, canola, alfalfa, sugar beets, papaya, potatoes and squash. A GMO apple is approved and coming to market. These are the only GMO crops available. Ingredients such as vegetable oil or sugar, from GM crops are found in many foods,... Continue Reading
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Posted by: nikosmith
A: This is always a challenging question to answer. The price difference between GMO and non-GMO varies from product to product and from one location to the next. The answer depends on what type of non-GMO product is being purchased. Most GMOs consumed are in the form of processed foods, it’s estimated that as much as 80 percent of processed foods include a GM ingredient. Let’s think of food prices like car prices. An automotive company offers a plain-Jane car at the lowest price, if... Continue Reading
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Posted by: jonahl23324
A: Hello Jonah!   Your question is a good one. Everyone should have an understanding of what genetically modified organisms are all about and how they are impacting us.   Firstly, it’s important to know that genetic modification is just a technique for adding or subtracting a specific gene. This is different from traditional methods, which randomly affect tens of thousands of genes at a time. There’s a big list of organisms we can modify, and a growing list of useful... Continue Reading
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Posted by: ducky0007
A: Genetically modified organisms can affect evolution but probably won’t. Variation in the sequences of genes serves as the source for change, i.e. for evolution. However, there must be some change, for example climate change, that selects for those individuals have variants of genes that make them more able to survive and produce offspring under the new climate. If there is no climate change, then those variant genes are lost by simple random mutation. It may take a... Continue Reading