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Posted by: varunsrichin
A: There has been a great deal of discussion lately about the use of herbicides in agriculture. History shows the use of compounds which inhibit the growth of plants [herbicide] for over 100 years.1 Weeds (loosely defined as any plant growing where it is not wanted) consume soil nutrients, water and can block sunlight from crops. Along with physical control mechanisms like plowing farmers use herbicides to help reduce yield loss from ‘weeds’.   Weeds have developed resistance... Continue Reading
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Posted by: Jo Ann
A: Thank you for your question regarding the GMO labeling.   “In July 2016 President Barack Obama signed a bill requiring labeling of foods that contain ingredients from genetically modified organisms.” Read more about this here.   Kate Hall, Managing Director for the Council for Biotechnology Information (CBI) states in a response that “companies are [also] supportive of consumers’ right to know.”   In this response, you can find more... Continue Reading
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Posted by: Jakejonez40
A: Thank you for your questions and concerns. The assertion that Jeffrey Smith books and DVDs are “fact-based” has been previously addressed by expert Dr. Bruce Chassy, who states,   “I understand that claims made by Jeffrey Smith, the movie’s director and author the self-published book, Genetic Roulette, are alarming and could cause great concern. It’s important to understand Mr. Smith’s background. He is not a doctor or researcher and he has never... Continue Reading
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Posted by: adamphillips26
A: Australia is one of the leading cotton producing countries in the world, and was among the first countries to allow planting of GM crops, with the commercialization of insect resistant Bt cotton in 1996. Prior to the introduction of Bt cotton, growers were reliant on conventional insecticides for effective insect control. With Bt cotton, growers have significantly reduced their use of conventional insecticides, while maintaining high yields. By 2014, adoption of Bt cotton by Australian cotton... Continue Reading
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Posted by: gggggg
A: Thank you for your question. We believe you are referring to what foods contain GMOs.   Our experts have answered similar questions in the past – please see below for a comprehensive overview on this topic which should help address your question.   WHAT CROPS ARE GENETICALLY MODIFIED? While nearly all foods today have been genetically modified or altered in some way over thousands of years through selective breeding, there are only nine commercially available GMO crops in... Continue Reading