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Does GMO coffee exist?

Coffee is one of the world’s biggest cash crops, with coffee production supporting an estimated 125 million people along the Bean Belt. According to the International Coffee Organisation, some 167.2 million 60kg bags of green coffee will be produced in 2022/23.

Today, there are around 120 identified species of coffee, which means there is an almost endless number of different varieties – especially when we consider wild varieties which grow naturally. Hybrid varieties, which are cultivated by researchers and agronomists to improve both yield and quality, are also becoming more common.

And while these hybrid varieties aren’t technically genetically modified, their existence still leads to a pertinent question: can coffee be genetically modified? And if so, what are the advantages?

To find out, I spoke with the CEO of RD2 Vision, Dr. Christophe Montagnon, and Divisional Head of the Coffee Board at India’s Central Coffee Research Institute, Dr. Manoj Kumar Mishra. Read on for more of their insight on GMO coffee.

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