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Give farmers a chance: Pro-GMO activists march through Nairobi and Kampala calling for the adoption of improved seeds


Pro-GMO activists marched through Nairobi in Kenya and Kampala in Uganda on February 10 and 15, 2023, calling for the adoption of improved seeds.

They carried placards with pro-GMO slogans such as Genetically Modified Crops are Safe and Nutritious and Yes to Food Security.

This was in response to a petition filed at the East African Court of Justice in January by anti-GMO activists who are asking the court to block Kenya from adopting GM crops after President William Ruto lifted a decade-old ban on the same in 2022.

“We have come to show solidarity with (Kenyan) President William Ruto and to reiterate that his decision is correct and to call his Ugandan counterpart to follow suit,” said Patricia Nanteza, one of the organizers of the march and founder of Science Stories Africa.

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