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Science says GMO foods are safe

A new blog post from the Skeptical Raptor notes:


" When I was writing the articles about organic foods, I noticed that GMO foods are not safe according to the organic food lobby. Of course, there seems to be an incredible amount of pseudoscientific claims about GMO food safety, so I thought that I needed to put together an article that shows the science of GMO foods, and the scientific consensus is that they are safe.

I know that many of my progressive friends are going to dispute this fact, but it’s time to let the science speak on this matter.

A paper, by Elisa Pellegrino et al. published in Nature Scientific Reports, a highly respected peer-reviewed journal, analyzed over 6000 published papers on GMO corn over the past 20 years. The researchers performed a meta-analysis of all of that research focusing on differences in productivity, toxicological, and environmental differences between GMO and non-GMO corn." 

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