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(ref: 'What is GMO Answers' under the 'about' link) The first item is specified as: "Respecting people around the world and their right to choose healthy food products that are best for themselves and their families;"

This sounds like full discretion and labelling. Right to choose and individual discretion is valued!! Great! Otherwise, using the industry excuse that the public would become confused with labelling is very condescending and gives the appearance that they believe people don't trust or want GMO foods. If there is nothing to hide, 'let people choose' is what you appear to saying, so,

Question: do you believe people have the right to choose to eat a GMO product?

Submitted by: Chad Clifford


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Tuesday, 13/08/2013 12:14

Cathleen Enright, executive director of the Council for Biotechnology Information, has answered a similar question. You can view the response here.