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If biotech industry leaders are scientifically confident that GMOs are 100% safe, why is the biotech industry spending millions of dollars to campaign against the American people who want the GMOs they buy labeled?

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While I cant speak for the biotech industry, there is an important principle at stake in many of these ballot measures.  Activists and elements of the organic and natural food industries are spending millions of dollars to stigmatize conventional and biotech foods in order to promote their niche products, which are generally sold to consumers at a higher price.  In essence, they are creating fear with unproven, outlandish allegations in order to get unsuspecting consumers to avoid affordable, safe and wholesome foods, in hopes that they can sell you their niche product at a higher price and profit for them.  If regulators allowed this to happen with biotechnology, there could be no end to the types of safe food and agriculture technologies that could be unfairly banned or stigmatized by false accusations and innuendo, rather than scientific consensus.  The success of American commerce, admired around the world, is a level playing field based on facts and fairness, and our regulators help ensure that remains constant.

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One passage, from Dr. Neal Van Alfen, of UC Davis, reads:


“We should not compromise the integrity or credibility of our food labeling system by requiring a warning, when there is no credible scientific evidence of adverse health effects associated with the consumption of GMOs.


“Foods can be and are labeled to help consumers make choices, but such labeling is voluntary. Common examples are kosher and halal labels, which help consumers select or avoid foods based on their belief systems.”


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