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How GMO help us to feed our ever growing population

Submitted by: Sneh Shah


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Friday, 04/05/2018 13:57

Thank you for your question. This question has been previously been answered in this response. A snippet of is included below:

Consultant Janet Carpenter looked at it this way: 

“As the world population increases in the coming decades, the number of people at risk of hunger is expected to increase.  The causes of hunger are complex, including slow economic and less inclusive economic growth, political instability, lack of social protection, and natural and human-induced disasters.  However, a key to making progress is increasing the productivity of smallholder farmers. ”

Read another response here.

Tamika Sims, PhD, Director of Food Technology Communications at the International Food Information Council (IFIC), says this:

To feed the world, we need to reduce food waste, while increasing the yield of food in a sustainable way on land already dedicated to agriculture—and GMOs can help! Genetically modified (GM) foods provide a nutritional and safe alternate to conventionally produced foods.”

Read the full response here. We hope this answers your question, if you have any additional questions, please ask!