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Connie Diekman


Connie Diekman, M.Ed, RD, LD, FADA is a Nutrition Communications Consultant and Director of University Nutrition at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri; Former President of the American Dietetic Association (ADA) now the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics; Diekman is a former media spokesperson for the Academy and was the voice of the “Eating Right” minute which aired daily on WBBM radio in Chicago.

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Posted On: Friday, 2/12/2016 1:18 pm
A: Currently there are nine GMO crops, commercially available – corn, squash, papaya, canola, sugar beets, cotton, soybeans, alfalfa, potatoes – one in the pipeline is the non-browning apple that resists bruising. Since GMO technology can boost crop yield that can be viewed as a health benefit but in terms of direct health benefits the health benefits of these crops lies in the traditional nutrition that they contain. GM crops do not differ in nutritional or health benefits from non-... Continue Reading
Posted On: Thursday, 12/31/2015 10:09 pm
A: As a registered dietitian I cannot address the market economy but what I can tell you is that physically and nutritionally GMO and Non GMO oils are exactly the same so there is no reason from the standpoint of performance, health or nutrient composition to choose one over the other. As oils are processed from the seed the DNA, the genetics of the seed, are destroyed by the heat of the processing so that chemically you cannot detect the genetic engineering.   I do know that many people... Continue Reading
Posted On: Friday, 10/16/2015 7:33 am
A: Wondering about what we are eating is important, which is why the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has very clear regulations on how foods must be labeled, what additives and preservatives can be added to foods and what science supports the safety of our food. The good news is that our food supply is the safest in the world and one reason for that are the parameters that the FDA has set forward.   If you are worried about chemicals, know two things – one all foods are made up of... Continue Reading
Posted On: Friday, 5/08/2015 11:43 am
A: The incidence of overweight and obesity in the United States is due to a multitude of factors, but information from the USDA Economic Research Service gives us some insight:   “In 1970, Americans consumed an estimated 2,109 calories per person per day; whereas in 2010, they consumed an estimated 2,568 calories (after adjusting for plate waste, spoilage, and other food losses). Of this 459-calorie increase,  grains (mainly refined grains) accounted for 180 calories; added fats... Continue Reading
Posted On: Friday, 4/10/2015 11:27 am
A: Currently there are only eight GM crops commercially available in the U.S. – corn, soybeans, alfalfa, canola, papaya, yellow squash, cotton and sugar beets; alfalfa is not for human consumption, but used as animal feed. When we look at the other crops, the scientific evidence shows not only are food products from GM crops safe, but they are also nutritionally equivalent to non-GM foods. Since the nutritional makeup of the food is the same as the traditional food, the FDA does not require... Continue Reading


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