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How do GMOs benefit our health?

Submitted by: Madi Gibson


Expert response from Connie Diekman


Wednesday, 23/03/2016 20:25

Currently there are nine GMO crops, commercially available – corn, squash, papaya, canola, sugar beets, cotton, soybeans, alfalfa, potatoes – one in the pipeline is the non-browning apple that resists bruising. Since GMO technology can boost crop yield that can be viewed as a health benefit but in terms of direct health benefits the health benefits of these crops lies in the traditional nutrition that they contain. GM crops do not differ in nutritional or health benefits from non-GM crops so including them in your eating plan can help your overall nutrition.
The potato, which is coming to market, will form less acrylamide when cooked at high temperatures, more specifically for most of us, when it is fried. This change would definitely provide a health benefit. The non-browning apple will make cut apples more appealing since they won’t brown so quickly when cut.
There are two products that would provide real health benefits, one is Golden Rice, a rice that is fortified with vitamin A, and the other is SDA oil. SDA is an oil that will allow plant-based omega-3  fatty acids in the oil to be available to the body for use more efficiently.
So when you ask “How do GMOS’ benefit Health” the answer is a bit tricky but the bottom-line is that all of the plants that are GM provide nutritional benefits and that certainly benefits health.