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How does your company give back to the communities and farmers who welcome the chance to grow crops for you?

Submitted by: nikblocker


Expert response from Wendelyn Jones

Director of Global Policy and Scientific Affairs, DuPont Pioneer

Tuesday, 08/27/2013 14:30

At DuPont Pioneer, we are proud to give back to our communities. It's important to us to invest in the many neighborhoods around the globe where our customers and employees live and work. Among other commitments, we provide volunteer resources and financial contributions to help improve farmer safety, young-farmer opportunities, food quality and access, and education at all levels. For example, we contributed important sorghum research in Africa to increase the amount and stability of pro-vitamin A, iron and zinc, and also to improve protein digestibility. This is important, considering nearly 300 million people there depend on sorghum as a staple crop and do not have access to another option that provides the essential nutrients that sorghum lacks. Closer to home, we recently awarded grants to fire departments in Iowa farming communities for the purchase of grain bin rescue equipment. Grain bins pose a significant safety risk on the farm and because safety is a DuPont Core Value, it was a natural fit for us to contribute in this way. Additionally, DuPont Pioneer and its employees contribute donations and countless volunteer hours to United Way's annual Week of Action. We also provide ongoing opportunities for our employees to give blood, mentor students, contribute to food banks or help out with local charity events.

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