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Will gmos save the world?

Submitted by: Kacey Limbach


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Thursday, 12/04/2018 14:25

GMOs will not “save the world,” however they are an important tool in the toolbox for food security and agriculture.

Dr. Stuart Smyth, Assistant Professor in the Department of Bioresource Policy, Business and Economics at the University of Saskatchewan, explores this topic in depth in a similar question and response here.

“No single crop or food production method is capable of feeding the world on its own, so no, GMOs by themselves will not feed the world. However, as part of a global strategy to improve global food security, GMOs can have a tremendously positive contribution to feeding the world…. Innovative technologies in plant breeding and crop production in all forms of food production are essential to ensuring that an integrated approach to improving food security is implemented. GM crops, can and will, be able to contribute to improving food security in some regions.”

Read the full response.

Tamika Sims, PhD, Director of Food Technology Communications at IFIC explains that To feed the world, we need to reduce food waste, while increasing the yield of food in a sustainable way on land already dedicated to agriculture—and GMOs can help! Genetically modified (GM) foods provide a nutritional and safe alternate to conventionally produced foods.” Read her full response here.

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