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Why must I get my news from Social Media on GMOs since I dont hear anything on mainstream media? Why is the word GMO so censored on news channels when it is rampant on the Internet. That troubles me.

Submitted by: Steve


Expert response from Charlie Arnot

CEO of The Center for Food Integrity

Tuesday, 17/11/2015 12:13

No matter what science says, the GMO issue remains a contentious one. The internet has fostered the formation of online communities where people whose values and interests align can gather and share information. Marketer and digital expert Seth Godin calls them “tribes” and says their formation requires only two things: a shared interest and a way to communicate. To some people, GMOs are a food safety issue and there’s nothing quite as personal as the food we eat and feed our families, so emotions can run high. Mainstream media tend to cover issues and topics of interest to a broad audience. While the discussion of GMOs is quite lively online, it may not rise to the level of interest that would drive editors and producers to provide significant coverage.