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Charlie Arnot

CEO of The Center for Food Integrity

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Q: Why must I get my news from Social Media on GMOs since I dont hear anything on mainstream media? Why is the word GMO so censored on news channels when it is rampant on the Internet. That troubles me.

Answered By Charlie Arnot - Nov 17, 2015

A: No matter what science says, the GMO issue remains a contentious one. The internet has fostered the formation of online communities where people whose values and interests align can gather and share information. Marketer and digital expert Seth Godin calls them “tribes” and says their formation requires only two things: a shared interest and a way to communicate. To some people, GMOs are a food safety issue and there’s nothing quite as personal as the food we eat and feed our families, so emotions can run high. Mainstream media tend to cover issues and topics of interest to [...]

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Q: Why does most of America not know about GMOs?

Answered By Charlie Arnot - Dec 04, 2015

A: It’s not that most of America doesn’t know about GMOs. It’s what some believe about the technology that sparks the controversy. In a perfect world the social decision-making process would be logical and rational, but it’s more complicated than that. Today’s environment is one in which many factors drive consumer opinions, feelings and beliefs – particularly when it comes to emotion-laden issues like GMOs – and facts are only one element in the decision-making equation. When GMOs were introduced almost two decades ago, both scientific studies and [...]

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Q: Transparency Is No Longer Optional: How Food Companies Can Restore Trust

By Charlie Arnot - Jul 22, 2016

A: This post was originally published on Forbes on November 30, 2015. Guest post written by Charlie Arnot, CEO of The Center for Food Integrity, a national non-profit dedicated to building consumer trust in the food system.   It’s simple: Increasing transparency increases trust. Consumers today expect food companies to be transparent about everything from production practices to ingredients. The latest consumer trust research from The Center for Food Integrity provides the data to prove it. (Image Credit: The Center for Food Integrity)   The message about GMOs was expecte [...]

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