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What is the average crop yield for GMO and nonGMO corn in Canada?

Submitted by: Emma Grace


Expert response from Ian Affleck

Managing Director of Science and Regulatory Affairs for Plant Biotechnology, CropLife Canada

Tuesday, 01/03/2016 20:30

Crop yields in Canada are tracked by Canadian Government via Statistics Canada and Agriculture and Agriculture-Food Canada. This tracking program does not differentiate between GMO and non GMO commodities however a recent report indicated that GMO corn in Canada contributes an additional 14.7 percent to the national yield average. The greatest indication of their value to the farmer is the overwhelmingly positive adoption of these technologies by Canadian farmers. More than 90 percent of corn planted in Canada are genetically modified.


Farmers have embraced these technologies over the last 20 years because they recognize the important benefits GMO crops can deliver. They help farmers protect their crops against damage from insects and weeds, which ensures farmers can consistently produce high quality, abundant crops. Biotech crops have also helped farmers reduce their environmental footprint. GMO crops have helped farmers adopt conservation tillage practices, which mean they don’t need to go over the land as often with equipment to remove weeds. This significantly improves the health of the soil, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions and it reduces farmers’ fuel use. All of this contributes to greater sustainability on the farm and helps increase overall farm production.