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What kind of food does Monsanto serve in its cafeteria?

If GMOs are so great, why does Monsanto serve organic produce in it's cafeteria?

Submitted by: GMOsux


Expert response from Kelly Clauss

Global Communications Strategy Lead, IT, Bayer Crop Science

Thursday, 01/08/2013 17:46

Great question. There is a belief that Monsanto won’t serve GM foods—or that we serve only organic food—in our cafeterias. It’s a myth that started back in 1999 and continues today. In reality, all types of foods can be found in our cafeterias. These are the same foods that we purchase at grocery stores for our families, and the same foods that everyone else eats. Sometimes we have special menu items that feature our products. For example, in summer 2012 we held a special event for employees to taste our GM sweet corn from a customer’s farm.

If you want to learn more about the “cafeteria myth,” please visit this article on our blog from 2012: “What’s served in Monsanto?"


Expert response from Community Manager

Moderator for

Friday, 17/04/2015 13:39

In the video below Monsanto Global Preparedness Content Manager, Chelsey Robinson, also addresses this common GMO myth: