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General Mills said they will now have some Cheerios without GMOs. The company said there is no concern about safety with GMOs and the media reports I read say that oats are not genetically modified anyway. So why is General Mills doing this?

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Several experts responded to the announcement from General Mills that Cheerios will no longer include GM ingredients.


You might be interested in an excerpt from a response from Cathleen Enright, executive director for the Council for Biotechnology Information:


We believe food companies have the right to select the ingredients that are best for their markets, just as farmers have the right to choose the seeds that are right for their businesses. We appreciated General Mills’ transparency in this regard. General Mills did a good job explaining the change and reinforcing the safety of GMOs. (General Mills’ statements are available online: and General Mills’ position on GMOs has not changed. (General Mills’ position on GMOs is available online: This was a marketing decision…”


You can read the full response and additional responses from other experts here:


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It's a marketing strategy. General Mills recognizes that there is a potentially profitable niche market that finds "GMO Free" labels attractive, and Cheerios is a cereal that can easily be made without GMO ingredients so there would be little change to the processing of the cereal.

Oats are not genetically modified, but the original Cheerios ingredient label lists Corn Starch and most corn is genetically modified. So all General Mills has to do is source corn that is not GMO and they have a GMO free cereal, though they do put on a warning label that there may be a trace GMO presence due to cross contact during manufacturing and shipping.

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RARRRG! This place is EXTREMELY bias. I don't think this is a very dependable site because it is funded by all the big genetically modifier companies. The answers are all very one-sided. I do believe.

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