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25 Years of GMOs: Honoring Our Biotech Food Heroes

Honoring Biotech Food Heroes

It’s been 25 years since farmers first planted GMO crops. Since then, they’ve been a valuable tool for farmers, helped tackle food insecurity and climate change, and had a positive effect on many communities around the world. As we mark this 25 year anniversary, we honor the Biotech Food Heroes who have helped bring this technology to people around the globe. Our Biotech Food Heroes include scientists, researchers, farmers, regulators, policy professionals, and science advocates.

Please click on a card below to learn more about how they have helped get this vital tool into the hands of the people who need it most. We will continue to add more heroes throughout the rest of the year, so please check back on this page for more Biotech Food Heroes! And please help spread the word about these heroes by sharing on social media and using the hashtag “biotech #foodheroes."

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