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What have they done to our food?

Originally posted at Weed Control Freaks.

People in developed countries seem more interested than ever in the way their food is produced. Genuine interest in the food we eat is, without question, good for society. The American Farm Bureau Federation estimates that the average American is at least three generations removed from the farm. Although many people in developed countries now have little firsthand knowledge of how modern farms operate, they are hungry for this type of information.

As demographics continue to shift away from agriculture, it is important that we in agriculture engage the broader population. There are many misconceptions among the general public about modern farming practices; many people associated with agriculture blame various individuals and organizations for spreading fear and disinformation. While there is certainly some truth to this, I think a lack of agricultural outreach and extension to the general public is a contributing factor as well. Agricultural extension has a long, proud history in the United States. But traditional agricultural extension programs are largely focused on farmers, and often neglect this broader audience due to time and funding constraints.

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