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Please explain why bees die after pollination of GMO plants with herbicide?

Submitted by: Rdchev


Expert response from Chris Sansone

Global Regulatory Affairs Manager – Insect Resistance Management (Americas), BASF

Thursday, 07/21/2016 17:23

Thank you for your question. The lack of impact by GMO plants on bees and other pollinators has been previously answered on this web site. See one of the top 10 consumer questions about GMOs, as they relate to bees, as a starting point. The impact of herbicides has not been addressed completely but there are good places to start beginning with the answer to this question here: Do neonicotinoids and Roundup affect the wild bee populations? If so, how are you working to stop this bee killoff? Please check out these other resources that provide a non-industry perspective.


This web site provides a remarkably well documented discussion concerning the safety of glyphosate (the most common herbicide trait in GMO plants). The authors conclude that “Overall, results from a number of lab and simulated field studies generally suggest no significant risks of acute or chronic effects of glyphosate on adult Honeybees or brood production.”


Another recent article discusses the impact of insecticides and glyphosate on honey bees. For more information about bee losses and how you can help honey bees and pollinators check out this question.