The following is an abstract of a new feeding study published in the Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture looking at the safety of glyphosate-resistant soybeans. 

To assess the safety of glyphosate-resistant transgenic soybean, the transgenic soybean GTS40-3-2 meal and its non-transgenic counterpart parent A5403 were fed to first- and second-generation Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats (Rattus norvegicus) for 195 days. The soybean meal made up 20% of the total weight of the feed. Body weight, food consumption, hematology, blood biochemistry, and pathological observations were monitored weekly. The results showed that rats of each group experienced good growth and  development, and although results of some organ weight ratios and serum biochemistry between the groups were significantly different (P<0.05), they were of no biological significance because the variations were within the normal range. These results indicate that glyphosate-resistant transgenic soybean GTS40-3-2 meal is as safe as its non-transgenic parent soybean A5403 in a long-term SD rat feeding study. The study provides experimental evidence for the safe usage of transgenic soybean GTS40-3-2. 

To read the entire study, please visit Toxicologic evaluation of chronic feeding of glyphosate-resistant transgenic soybean GTS40-3-2 meal to rats in the Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture.