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There is an abundance of information about GMOs and biotechnology in agriculture available to consumers. On the internet, in news outlets, and peer-reviewed journals, there are many articles, blog posts, studies, infographics, and videos about a variety of topics related to GMOs. Here, we’ll look to bring these resources together for you, providing content from our GMO Answers experts and other contributors who will discuss current events in media, simplify complicated study findings, and demystify the science behind GMOs.


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STUDY: New report highlights 20 years of economic and environmental benefits from using biotech/GM crops

By Graham Brookes (Independent Expert) on Monday, 6/05/2017 10:49 am

A new report released today by PG Economics has found that over the last 20 years, crop biotechnology has significantly reduced agriculture’s environmental impact and stimulated economic growth in the 26 countries where the technology is used. The innovative agricultural technology has contributed to preserving the earth’s natural resources while allowing farmers to grow more, high quality crops. It has also helped alleviate poverty for 16.5 million, mostly smallholder farmers, in developing countries.
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STUDY: Biotech/GM Crops Surge to a New Peak of 185.1 Million Hectares in 2016

By Community Manager (CBI) on Tuesday, 5/30/2017 9:25 am

Global GMO crop production was up in 2016, a new report from ISAAA shows. Click here to learn more about this report.
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