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Food Labeling Study

The following is a study detailing consumer attitudes towards food labels and different food packaging aspects that drive purchase behavior.

Although they usually read food packaging labels, consumers sometimes find it difficult to identify healthy food options.

Most consumers look for healthy options when food shopping. 

• Two in five (43%) “always” look for healthy options and half (52%) “sometimes” do. Only 5% of surveyed consumers “never” look for healthy options.

• However, finding healthy foods is “difficult” for one in ten consumers (11%); only 28% claim that this is “easy”. 

Package labeling is a primary source of healthfulness information. 

• A majority say they alwaysread labels on a packaged food before buying it for the first time (59% high agreement).

• The Nutrition Facts panel (69%) and the ingredient list (67%) are the two places where the most consumers look for information about food healthfulness. 

• Typically, a consumer will look at these labels to determine whether a packaged food has ingredients that they want (45% looked for first) or don’t want (31% looked for first).

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