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The Top Five Things About GMOs That People Cared About in 2020

By Community Manager - Dec 17, 2020

The world experienced a lot of change in 2020. From lockdowns and the impact of the COVID global pandemic to contentious elections, the normal we all knew is irrevocably changed. Based on 2020 data, here are five areas where consumers and their relationship to, or interest in, GMOs changed, and what they were most interested in.


GMO 101 Series

By Community Manager - Oct 27, 2020

We know people have questions about GMOs. As part of our GMOs 101 video series, we answer several of your GMO questions. Get your questions answered in our #GMO101 resources.

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Top 10 Consumer Questions About GMOs Answered

Community Manager - Sep 25, 2020

The following are the Top 10 consumer questions and answers have about GMOs, based on Internet searches, traffic to the GMO Answers website, and in-person events.

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25 Years of GMOs: Honoring Our Biotech Food Heroes

By Community Manager - Sep 15, 2020

As we mark 25 years of GMOs, we honor the Biotech Food Heroes who have helped bring this technology to people around the globe, including scientists, researchers, farmers, regulators, policy professionals, and science advocates.