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On this page you can find a variety of content including infographics, videos and more on a range of topics concerning GMOs.

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MYTH vs. FACT: Pesticide Use On GM Crops(JPEG, 260.94KB)

MYTH vs. FACT: GMOs & Poison Search Results(JPEG, 113.79KB)

MYTH vs. FACT: GMOs & Cancer Search Results(JPEG, 114.8KB)

INFOGRAPHIC: GMOs Improve Soil Health(PDF, 1.61MB)

GIF: What Would Food Production Look Like Without Science?(GIF, 381.88KB)


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Scientific Studies

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STUDY: Crops that kill pests by shutting off their genes
STUDY: The contribution of glyphosate to agriculture and potential impact of restrictions on use at the global level


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Why Organic Advocates Should Love GMOs
Clarifications on Pest infestations in Brazil