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GMOs Help Us Promote Food Security Worldwide and Fight Global Food Insecurity

By chris - Aug 23, 2021

.copyimg { min-width:380px; max-width:720px; } Every day, farmers around the world use GMOs to help combat threats to food and the environment. Whether helping to protect crop yields against plant diseases, weeds, pests, or to reduce water use, GMOs are one of modern agriculture’s many innovations that allow farmers to grow more food with fewer resources.   The benefits of GMOs don’t stop at the farm. GMO crops can help to reduce food waste and combat under-nourishment around the world. In particular, GMOs play an important role in addressing food security challeng [...]


Everything You Need to Know About GMO Corn

By Community Manager - Jul 01, 2021

Corn is a staple of the global diet and a vital commodity for ensuring affordable resources are available for many communities. Here are facts about GMO corn (maize) and ways it is essential to modern society.


Environmental Benefits of GMOs vs. Organic Crops

By Community Manager - May 11, 2021

The following is an article written by Mallory Mae Bailey-Tse, Graduate Student in Conservation Biology at Miami University, and highlights the mass benefits of GMO technology in the wake of a global construct of misinformation.


Innovating GMOs through Public-Private Partnerships

By Community Manager - Mar 26, 2021

The pressures and demands on public institutions continue to increase – as do the costs of research and development. It is therefore critical that the public and private sectors continue, if not accelerate, their efforts to work together to meet the challenges facing our world’s farmers. The need to innovate for mutual growth and mutual benefit has never been greater.