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Chinese Translated Content

GMO Answers提供信息图表和可下载内容,为您提供最新的GMO新闻和研究。 探索这些中文翻译资源。 我们的资源有多种形式,从介绍转基因生物的事实和定义的图表到转基因作物和生物技术科学的历史。

GMO Answers offers infographics and downloadables to provide you with the latest GMO news and research. Explore these translated resources, in the Chinese language. Our resources come in a several forms, from infographics presenting facts of GMOs and definitions to GMO crops and history of biotechnological sciences.

Health and Safety of GMOs
Health and Safety of GMOs v3 A4 - CN (PDF)

10 GMO Crops
10 GMO Crops A4 - CN (PDF)

Top 10 GMO Questions
Top 10 GMO Questions A4 - CN (PDF)

Infographic - Lifecycle of GMOs
Infographic - Lifecycle of GMOs A4 - CN (PDF)