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Five Ways GMOs Benefit The Environment

The following is an excerpt of a blog post by Debunking Denialism at listing five of the ways that GMOs can help benefit the environment.

Humans have been modifying crops for over ten thousand years.

Conventional methods (such as crossbreeding or treating plants with mutagens or radiation) involve large-scale and imprecise changes that are unknown.

Using biotech solutions like genetic modification, researchers can make small, precise and extremely well-known changes to crops for the benefit of humans and the environment. GM crops are also much more well-tested than conventional crops to make sure they at least as safe.

So what are some of the environmental benefits of GM crops?

  1. GMOs decrease dangerous pesticide usage
  2. GMOs increases yield and decrease land use
  3. GMOs boost no-tilling farming
  4. GMOs save beneficial insects
  5. GMOs reduce carbon dioxide emissions

Bottom line

Many GMOs are good for the environment.

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