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Current GMOs Crops Don't Include Pasta

Current GMOs Crops Don't Include Pasta

Are you paying more for “non-GMO pasta?” Then you’re not using your noodle.

Basta with the Non-GMO Pasta

What are the facts?

There are only 10 genetically modified crops available today.

Those are:

  • alfalfa
  • apples
  • canola
  • corn
  • cotton
  • papaya
  • potatoes
  • soybeans
  • squash and
  • sugar beets

The efforts to genetically modify these crops focus entirely on expressing positive traits that support quality of the crop and improving resistance to certain concerns, such as insects.

The infographic below identifies the genetic traits expressed, as well as the uses of the 10 GMO crops approved in the U.S.

So if the facts are available and backed up by years of research and science, why do some people still say or think GMOs are bad? Because for some people and groups, misinformation pays. Learn more.

Want to be fully armed with the fact-based basics of GMOs? Get more facts about GMOs and their positive impact on society, agriculture and the environment by having a look through GMOs 101.

Genetic Traits Expressed in US GMOs