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Bangladesh's Genetically Modified Eggplants

The following is an excerpt of a multimedia article on Al Jazeera on how genetically modified eggplant can help change the state of farming in Bangladesh.

The practice of improving crops through genetic engineering is controversial.  The debate between opponents and proponents has been deeply entrenched for more than two decades. 

Opponents are afraid the crops are harmful to both humans and the environment, although scientific evidence to support those claims has not been found. Opponents also worry that genetically modified crops will enable large agricultural companies to control the lives of small farmers. 

Proponents say genetic engineering can make agricultural more sustainable. It also increases crop yields, raising the overall income of farmers around the world.  The resistance to genetic engineering in Western countries is costing lives in the developing world, they argue. 

But how does this pan out in the real world? We paid a visit to Bangladesh, where genetically modified crops have recently been introduced. 

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