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Why doesn't Monsanto allow any private researchers to test if their GMO seeds are actually safe? The only tests done on GMO food are done by or paid for by Monsanto, clearly it doesn't take a genius to figure out these tests are rigged in favor of Monsanto. I recommend that Monsanto give some of their seeds to independent scientists to actually test them(the seeds being randomly chosen). There should be no corporate intimidation done, bribes, threats, tampering of data, or any deception in this. If so it can be done the UN should do a take on in this and have overseas researchers test Monsanto's seeds as well and even to tests of their own, without any interference from Monsanto or any of it's affiliates, partners or other biotech corporations.

Submitted by: Soup


Expert response from GMOAnswers Admin_1

Wednesday, 11/09/2013 16:16

Independent researchers can do testing on our products.  In fact, there have been hundreds of studies on GMOs performed by independent scientists.  Please see additional information that I provided in response to a similar question on GMO Answers: