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Why are there so many food companies against GMO labeling and willing to pay out millions and billions to block laws passing labeling? It cannot cost as much to just listen to the consumer and give them the information that they are demanding, I for one have stopped buying from these companies and will continue to vote with my dollars until I am heard! Check out app for your phone,

Submitted by: jokmlo


Expert response from GMOAnswers Admin_1

Thursday, 19/12/2013 16:03

First, we do hear you and understand the frustration surrounding the issue of GMO labeling. What we’re fighting, though, are bad laws―labeling proposals that actually wouldn’t provide you with accurate information, are intended to disparage food made with GMO ingredients and would harm local businesses. For instance, under these proposed laws, let’s say you purchased a labeled product in a grocery that contains a GM ingredient. If a restaurant used that same product, it wouldn’t have to let you know whether or not the dish you ordered contains GMOs. Additionally, these proposed laws include clauses that would hurt local businesses through bounty-hunter lawsuit provisions and by increasing the cost of food due to the need to reformulate products and segregate supply chains for specific states (additional information available here and here).


Finally, as written, these laws would allow only for an ambiguous “may contain” label, a callout that would serve as a warning to consumers about perceived safety and health risks where there are none. Numerous international science societies and health organizations have confirmed the safety of GM crops and foods, not least of which is the American Medical Association. You can find their statement on GM labeling here.


Second, you have every right to continue to “vote with your dollars,” and we actually support your choice to do so. We support voluntary labeling and companies’ ability to use marketing labels to differentiate and promote their products, like the "Certified USDA Organic" label.