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why are GMOS used

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This is an important question, and a common one on GMO Answers. There are several uses for GMOs, and we would like to share a few of them with you. You might be interested in this video about the rainbow papaya and how GMO technology helped save the Hawaiian papaya industry.



Also, the graphic below details what GM traits are used in crops in the United States, including herbicide tolerance, disease resistance and insect resistance.


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In 1986, EPA approved commercial growing of the first genetically engineered crop<<<

Oh my how did people survive without GMOs before 1986? SMH. Greed an capitalism brought about GMOs

Everybody arguing over the cash aspect basically.

#1 does it make u healthier? I say no
#2 People have survived for centuries without it(healthier I might add)
#3 sounds like its pushed by greed, an while I like new technology an the aspects of stuff getting more efficient, at what cost to health an environment?

Everybody wants the shortcut an quality is an afterthought an consumers arent even notified an are just finding out.