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Is there a list somewhere detailing what species was used to make each GMO? I think it would be cool to glyphosate resistance in corn originating from a petunia plant, etc. Or which genes were silenced to achieve the desired expression?

Submitted by: Kbremmer


Expert response from Alan McHughen

CE Biotechnology Specialist and Geneticist

Friday, 18/03/2016 12:16

The best source detailing the components used in making GE crops is probably this list at USDA- APHIS.


This site lists all of the GE crops (regulated articles) for which a petition has been submitted, and the status of each petition.


To find component details, select the specific GE crop you’re interested in and click on the arrow link to open up links to detailed documents, including Federal Register notices, the petition itself and usually some other official documents. Click on the petition to read details about the GE plant. Although there is no standard format, there will be a description of the GE plant and how it was developed, which usually includes a source for gene segments used in the construct, or how a gene was silenced, as appropriate to the specific GE plant.