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If a cow eats GMO corn or soy is there any way to tell or is there any difference in that animal's meat or milk as opposed to an animal that consumed only organic feed?

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No! There is no way to detect whether an animal has been fed GM feed because there is no content from any part of the GM feed in the flesh, milk or eggs.  The GM feed is digested and assimilated in exactly the same way as any other feed.  There is in fact no meaningful measurable difference between GM and convention feeds.


Actually that's not exactly true.  It turns out that conventional and organic feeds can have more of the mycotoxin fumonisin in them than does insect resistant GM feed.  Specifically, studies show that insect protected corn can have less fumonisin.  Molds that produce mycotoxin often grow at sites of insect damage on corn ears and because the GM grain has less insect damage it has less mold and consequently lower levels of fumonisin.  Thus GM grain can in this instance be safer than non-GM.  Fumonisin causes esophageal cancer, neural tube defect babies (NTDs) and other illness so this is an important benefit that is largely being over-looked because of the hysteria that has been created around the safety of GM crops.


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I believe that there is a difference. Cattle are fed GMO corn to fatten them up before slaughter. They are are not naturally meant to eat corn so they are pumped full of antibiotics to compensate. 80% of antibiotic use (or abuse) is for meat production.
Pigs get gut inflammation from GMO feed. This study shows that pigs were harmed by the consumption of feed containing genetically modified (GM) crops. "Pigs with these health problems end up in our food supply. We eat them. Pigs have a similar digestive system to people, so we need to investigate if people are also getting digestive problems from eating GM crops."

Here is an article explaining the situation in greater detail.
Monsanto's GMO Feed Creates Physical Ailments in Animals

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Thanks for your comments @Steven Smith. You may be interested in this response which addresses the study referenced in your comments:

Additional information is also available here: http://www.foodstandards.gov.au/consumer/gmfood/Pages/Detailed-commentar...

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Steven Smith - your concerns appear to be related to CAFOs, not GMOs. Your comments do not match your claim that there is any difference in cattle fed gmo grains or non-gmo grains. The pig feeding study that is referred to in the links you provide has been addressed in many other questions on this website, and the consensus is that the trial methodology (and thus the findings) is flawed.

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