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How many patents does Monsanto have? Does it really have 11,000 patents?

Submitted by: Nishant Seth


Expert response from GMOAnswers Admin_1

Friday, 06/09/2017 14:22

**This is an updated response to the previous below response.**


Monsanto currently has about 5,000 granted and unexpired U.S. patents and over 9,000 granted and unexpired patents worldwide. These patents cover a wide variety of technologies, including plants, chemicals, processes and machines.


The U.S. Patent Office tracks the number of U.S. patents issued to companies per year. In 2015, we received 444 U.S. patents. This ranked us as 81st on the list of U.S. patents received. Number 1 on the list is IBM, with 7,309 US patents issued in 2015; Apple had 1,937 US patents issued in 2015 and is ranked as 15.


The U.S. Patent Office keeps a database of patents by listed owner. Anyone can search this database for patents Monsanto owns. It currently indicates 7,597 patents owned by Monsanto, but that number will change on a weekly basis as new patents are issued. Over 2,000 of these listed patents have expired, however. Patents generally last either 17 years from issuance (if filed before 1995) or 20 years from filing (if filed after 1995).