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GM crops and how long does it take to produse the dna to fuse with the crop to make it less effective to diseases.

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Wednesday, 08/02/2017 18:19

Thank you for your question. Here is some information about GMOs that we feel will help answer your question.



When people refer to Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), they are referring to precision plant breeding using genetic engineering. It allows plant breeders to take a desirable trait (like resistance to drought, insects, weeds, and disease) from one plant or organism and transfer it to the plant they want to improve, as well as make a change to an existing trait in a plant they are developing. You may have also heard of agricultural biotechnology or biotech seeds. These are terms that may be used to refer to the same thing – a genetically modified organism (GMO).


GMOs are created to achieve a desired trait, such as resistance to an insect or improvement to the ripening process, in order to better meet a customer’s needs.


Posted below is a five minute video that offers a great visual illustration on how GMOs are made:





Further, we invite you to check out this infographic which explains the lifecycle of how GM crops are developed.



We also invite you to check out this response which discusses the details of how GM crops are developed.