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For every study or group of studies you cite, will you provide exact information on how the study was funded and/or who the researcher(s) work for?

Submitted by: PhilGovert


Expert response from Cathleen Enright

Former Executive Director of the Council for Biotechnology Information

Wednesday, 31/07/2013 15:22

Thank you for your question. Much of the research on GMOs is done by the companies themselves or by independent laboratories working under contract with the companies.  In both cases, proper scientific procedures are followed.  When studies are published in the scientific literature, they routinely include an explanation of the source of funding for the study and a note of any conflicts of interest that the authors may have.  We certainly would not remove such information from our citations.  The important thing about scientific research is that if it follows the proper, recognized procedures and protocols, its findings can be replicated by other researchers following the same methods.  We believe the research we cite is supported by proper, credible scientific research.


Note that the Biofortified GENERA database contains a list of studies on GMOs that are independently funded.