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Do Monsanto crops contain the Epicyte gene or anti-sperm antibodies?

Does Monsanto crops or products contain the Epicyte gene or any other gene that acts in the same way to create antibodies that kill or block sperm?

Submitted by: GMOsux


Expert response from Ray Dobert, Ph.D.

Global Biotech Policy Manager, Bayer Crop Science

Friday, 13/09/2013 20:52

No, none of our products have ever contained the Epicyte gene or genes with anti-sperm antibodies. 
To provide you with some more information, Epictye is a biotechnology company based in San Diego. Researchers at Epictye discovered a rare class of human antibodies that attack sperm, meaning that transferring these genes into corn made ‘contraceptive corn’. There were rumours that this Epicyte corn could be being used for population control. 
However,  we did not have any agreements with Epicyte or Biolex Therapeutics (the company that acquired Epicyte in 2004) to conduct joint research or develop products. Claims that Monsanto was involved in the research or development of food crops containing antibodies that kill or block sperm are incorrect. Monsanto crops do not contain the Epicyte gene.