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Do GMOs effect pregnant women andor their babues? why or why not?

Submitted by: Juliana Lampert


Expert response from GMOManager

Wednesday, 04/04/2018 17:21

No.  GMOs neither affect pregnant women nor their babies.

 As GMO fruits and vegetables and their non-GMO counterparts are nutritionally the same, the best thing we can do for our health and that of our children is to avoid heavily processed or “fast’ foods.  As a mother, educator and a farmer of peaches, plums and grapes, I know how difficult it can be to plan healthy meals and snacks while juggling all the other demands of life. I am careful about what we eat and have extensively researched GMOs, and I can decisively state that I support GMOs and biotechnology

Agricultural biotechnology for the development of GMOs is probably the most intensively studied agricultural innovation of all time. Researchers of agricultural biotechnology are developing more convenient, healthier choices in grocery stores and tastier foods for the family dinner table. By creating ways to boost the nutritional value of foods using agricultural biotechnology, scientists ensure that foods with GMO ingredients and crops are as safe as their non-GMO counterparts.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I was diagnosed with the gestational diabetes. The only way to control my diabetes was with insulin. The insulin we use today is an outcome of researchers trying to manufacture a form of human insulin using biotechnology; and therefore, developing a consistent and safe product that helped control my diabetes and protected my unborn child. And now, as my children are older and I prepare meals for my family, I never hesitate to serve GMO fruits and vegetables with my favorites being zucchini and yellow squash as I try to find fun and creative ways to eat better.

Again, I am confident in the safety of GMOs. I believe the best way to keep my family safe and healthy is to make sure they eat a balanced diet and daily make good food choices. Also, eat fresh and seasonally whenever you can.