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Can you give me evidence about herbicide resistant.

Submitted by: chaseminor


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Thursday, 09/05/2019 21:23

By using herbicide resistant GM crops, farmers can often use less toxic and fewer herbicides than in other types of production systems. Herbicide resistant GM crops can tolerate certain herbicide applications to the living plant, so farmers can spray a crop with one of the herbicides that the GM crops can withstand, and often make fewer herbicide applications with less toxic herbicides. Herbicide resistant GM crops also aid in the use of conservation tillage, which can help with managing for weed control and soil health.

In a previous response, Lawson Mozley, who farms in Florida, provides a detailed look into how herbicide resistant GM crops which are resistant to the herbicide glyphosate help him use fewer and less toxic herbicides on his farm.

We hope this answers your question. If you have any other questions about GMOs or biotechnology, please ask!