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Can a gardener buy gmo squash seeds and how much are they? I am a biologist and am not afraid of gmos.

Submitted by: Jody Gross


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Monday, 25/06/2018 15:23

Thank you for your question and interest, it is great you are a supporter of sciences.

The traditional home gardening seed outlets do not sell/market/offer GMO crop seeds, one would have to work through a grower seed dealer/distributor, which would require appropriate licensing and a contract agreement. So anyone can purchase GM seed varieties – it simply requires going through a farm supply company, getting the required licensing and signing a contract. But typical gardener retail stores will not offer biotech seed varieties.

Jennifer Bearden, the University of Florida IFAS Extension Agriculture Agent in Okaloosa County, discusses where a gardener can buy seeds in a response to a similar question.

“A new gardener will want to familiarize themselves with pests that routinely affect crops in their area. A good place to start is your local extension office. Many times, we have lists of varieties that are recommended for certain areas as well as pests that are a concern. The next consideration is the source of the seed. Do you want organic seed, raw seed or treated seed? This is a personal preference based on how you will grow the vegetables.”

Read her full response here.

This response also discusses where you can buy GMO food, as well as where you can buy GMO seed.

“If you are referring to purchasing GMO seeds, it depends on who is looking to buy the seeds. According to farmer, Brian Scott, farmers can purchase GMO seeds from a specific seed dealer (for example -GMO corn and soybeans). Scott goes on to explain this process for both a farmer and a home consumer:

“A farmer, like myself, can go to a seed dealer and buy genetically modified corn and soybeans to raise on his farm. With that purchase there will likely be a contract to sign along with information on how to properly steward the technology. For the home consumer there aren't currently any GMO options I'm aware of that one can go out and buy from, say, a home and garden center. Bt sweet corn is available, but I think you would have to contact a seed dealer who works with farmers like me or some other commercial ag entity. You can't just go to your local lawn and garden shop or big box store and get any GMO seed at this time.”

Read his full response here.”

We also invite you to check out this blog post by Stephan Neidenbach, a non-farmer managing to get biotech seed and planting it.               

We hope this answers your question, if you have any other questions about GMOs or biotechnology, please ask.