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In an answer, the comment " the former Monsanto Company" was used. Isn't it true that Monsanto has earned such a negative image over the years that comments such as that are nothing more than an attempt to remake their image. If they are truly different now, please explain in detail how their leadership, practices, goals, etc. have changed.

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The Monsanto name has a long history in business, dating back to 1901. In the late 1990s, Solutia Inc. became an independent publicly held company comprised of the chemical businesses of the former Monsanto Company.  In 2012, Solutia Inc. was acquired by Eastman Chemical Company.  In 2002, following a period of mergers and reorganizations, Monsanto became an independent, publicly held agricultural company.


The “former Monsanto” that dates back to 1901 doesn’t exist anymore.  The company named Monsanto that does exist today is focused solely on agriculture and has been for the last decade. Under various agreements, we manage several legacy liabilities stemming from those former businesses which in most cases have nothing to do with our business today.  Regardless, we take our commitments seriously and strive to resolve these liabilities responsibly and fully.   


That’s some information about the “former Monsanto” company. Now, I want to address the more important part of the question: “does Monsanto deserve your trust”?  The answer: we have to earn your trust, every day.  There is no litmus test for this and any miss-steps erase any progress we make.  Day in and day out, we need to behave consistent with our Code of Conduct and our Pledge to act with integrity, treat others with respect, be transparent and engage in dialogue.  These are the commitments Monsanto lives by today.