The following is an excerpt of a blog post from the editor in chief of the magazine Cosmos explaining how the documentary Food Evolution focuses on evidence-based science. 

In this post-truth era it has never been easier to pick and choose the information that will confirm your own bias.

But societies need to find common ground if we are to solve the most-pressing problems of our time, like feeding the population without destroying the planet.

Science is key to advancing the narrative. That is the message of the documentary Food Evolution, directed by Scott Kennedy and narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Last Wednesday (20 September), after a public screening to an audience of about a hundred in Canberra, I participated in a panel discussion along with Rob Furbank, an expert in plant photosynthesis at Australian National University; Tony Mahar, CEO of the National Farmers’ Federation; Andrew Campbell, CEO of the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research; and the director himself, Scott Kennedy, via video link. The moderator was Adrienne Francis at ABC News, Canberra.

Kennedy has participated in many such panel discussions since the movie’s release in June.

It is inspiring to see a movie maker attempt to break through the silos of peoples’ preconceived truths. In the final question of the evening, Kennedy was asked how he rated the success of the movie. “The fact that you’re here,” he answered.

I encourage everyone to see the movie.

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