How do we moderate this discussion?

How do we moderate?

Every registered user is allowed to publish questions and comments directly onto the GMO Answers website. We don’t filter the questions and comments before they go live in an effort to keep the discussion free flowing. Therefore, we rely on community members to flag anything that is offensive or inappropriate. You can report any content or behavior that you feel is inappropriate by clicking on the “Flag” button that appears alongside all questions and comments. This sends a message to our moderators who will then investigate the issue further.


Who answers the questions?

We have asked experts from a wide variety of disciplines to volunteer their time and knowledge to address the majority of your questions.  They have agreed to stand at the ready to provide you with an intimate look inside the world of GMOs.

These experts will answer questions based on their rank in popularity. Questions will be answered on a case by case basis. The format and the response will oftentimes differ from question to question, because some questions are more complex than others, and we're sourcing responses from the best possible experts on a case by case basis. 

Questions that have factual, easily sourced answers will be answered directly by the site moderators.  In those instances, they will provide you with the facts along with the appropriate sourcing.  

While we're happy to respond to questions and comments you may have about GMOs as they relate to agriculture - more specifically around seeds and agricultural practices - we will not be able to respond to questions and comments that are pointed at non-partner companies or other unrelated topics.


How much time will it take you to answer my question?

We will identify an expert to thoroughly review your question once it gets voted up in popularity. At that time, the status of your question will change into "Answer Pending". From that moment, our goal is to return to you with an answer in no more than 7 business days.


What will happen with the unanswered questions? Is there a way to get an answer even though my question has a low number of votes?

Our intention is to answer as many of your questions as possible; and we are relying on the votes of the community to help guide our efforts.  Unanswered questions will remain unanswered until we are able to make our way down to them.


How can I contact moderators?

For questions regarding site moderation or any technical difficulties, please contact us.